About us

At Your Service Holdings formally started as a fledgling business consulting business in 2016. 
David Du Preez as our Chief Visionary Office (CVO) with a background in banking, finance, sales, marketing, forecasting as well as analytics spanning almost 20 years saw a gap in the market to support small businesses that have outgrown the capacity of the 1-man business, but with no operational capacity to support the growth.

In an effort to  not fall prey to same pitfalls, beginning in 2019, we sought ways to build efficiency in our offering through leveraging our network to support small and medium businesses as well as individuals alike through value-added services offered by reputable companies who At Your Service Holdings has build association with.

David Du Preez  

Chief Visionary

"Excuses don't get sales, remove the emotion of how you feel out of the equation"

David is a banker by  profession having worked for one of the big 4 banks for 12 years, 3 of them in 

Small Business banking and 6 of them as a Private Banker.

Another 5 years was spent at one of South Africa's biggest retail group in Forecasting, Data Analytics 

and Customer Behaviour within Marketing.  He Currently consults to businesses and provides strategic  and

operational support to ensure the success of a business.